About Us

Us is me

I'm just a Delaware Valley Cross Country Skier - The motivation for this website is really just to spread information about cross country skiing and to have a local presence for others who want to know more about the sport. If there's ever enough interest, perhaps a local club can be formed, but right now it's just me, your website creator.

I've been cross country skiing in the Philadelphia area for almost thirty years, and began doing the Canadian Ski Marathon, Tug Hill (Winona) Tourathon, and Gatineau races in the early eighties. Since then, I've skied many miles, repeated these events a few times, and added the Lake Placid Loppet and the Engadin Ski Marathon (in St. Moritz - with 11,000 other skiers).

While I've provided a CONTACT ME link which includes an e-mail, I can't guarantee that I will respond to or acknowledge your e-mail. If the CONTACT ME doesn't open your e-mail, my address is: dvxcskier@verizon.net.

Suggestions and corrections about this website are welcome for the next edition (maybe next winter). I like to spend my free time skiing. If you do any of the listed daytrips, drop me a line and let me know how they went.


While I've tried to be as accurate as possible, the information on this website is just the website creator's opinion and the viewer, in visiting this site, acknowledges that they are always responsible making all of their own decisions. I'm also providing the following disclaimer just to be absolutely clear about this: Skiing and traveling in the backcountry can be hazardous - you are responsible for informing yourself about these hazards and taking necessary precautions. Skiers should always ski in control, are responsible for selecting their own equipment, knowing where they are going independent of this website, choosing events and trips appropriate to their ability, seeking confirming information from other knowledgeable sources, and finally, learning to ski. Nothing on any of these website pages or any links to any other sites from these pages should be assumed to be 100% accurate and may contain errors or omissions. Sorry to have to say this.