Thank you for visiting this website. It was developed to provide general information about cross country skiing for those in and around Philadelphia. While occasional snowstorms provide some good opportunities to ski locally, there are also great places for ski day trips nearby. This website has information about what ski gear to choose, what to wear, where to go, and has other useful links. The information on this website is just its creator's opinion and you are free to follow or ignore its advice.

Cross country skiing is not only excellent exercise, but it's a way to get outside in the fresh air or in the middle of a snow storm, and an activity to enjoy with friends or family or in solitude. Beginning skiers can easily learn the "diagonal stride" which is not unlike walking, and with increasing practice and maybe a few lessons, you can stride at high speed or skate using the latest techniques. Studies have shown that elite skiers have the highest level of fitness of any sport. There are tens of thousands of Philadelphia-based avid cyclists, runners, triathletes, rollerbladers and others who should consider cross country skiing as a means of cross training or as a new sport to take up. This website is dedicated to both introducing and advancing cross country skiing in the Philadelphia area. Do check out all the links!

Thanks for visiting!

While I've tried to be as accurate as possible, the information on this website is just the website creator's opinion and the viewer, in visiting this site, acknowledges that they are always responsible making all of their own decisions. I'm also providing the following disclaimer just to be absolutely clear about this: Skiing and traveling in the backcountry can be hazardous - you are responsible for informing yourself about these hazards and taking necessary precautions. Skiers should always ski in control, are responsible for selecting their own equipment, knowing where they are going independent of this website, choosing events and trips appropriate to their ability, seeking confirming information from other knowledgeable sources, and finally, learning to ski. Nothing on any of these website pages or any links to any other sites from these pages should be assumed to be 100% accurate and may contain errors or omissions. Sorry to have to say all that.

Is a ski marathon in your future?

If you have progressed in your training and technique and are interested in setting some goals, participation in a nearby ski marathon is a rewarding experience. The above link provides more information about these opportunities. These events range from family centric events for skiers of all abilities (one just 4 1/2 hours from here) to major events with hundreds or even thousands of skiers not much further. Avid runners and cyclists can easily adapt to the fitness levels required for these events with just a bit of cross-training when local snow conditions permit.
So you need to buy something.

While it's easy to get by with just basic skis, bindings, boots and poles, if you really get in this sport, you will be shopping. The link above provides some perspectives on what's worth buying. Like any sport, there's a wide range of what's available, what's really needed versus what provides incremental advantage at a very high price, and how to plan these purchases. Avid skiers will benefit from 2-3 pairs of skis for different conditions or skiing techniques, and sporty clothes will make skiing more comfortable. You can find on-line shopping links on OTHER LINKS.

WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR 2014-2015!!! The faulty links have been updated and others revised. There was ample snow last winter in the Philly area and in the Poconos so I hope you got out to ski - it was excellent. Hopefully, we'll get more this winter. I got quite few e-mails asking about local ski rentals for the day - only one or two shops do this, but inventory is spotty - A MISSED RETAIL OPPORTUNITY. Maybe this season there will be more. Skied the 2014 Winona Tourthathon - it was excellent (25k - 2:30). So I hope to train more this year and make the race in February. Hope to see other Philly skiers. It's a nice township run event that's not far away to test your skills and endurance. Check out the link below:
Winona Forest Tourathon
See also the WHERE TO SKI link above. (PACCSA and Crystal Lake usually have races too.)